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Shaw is a large telecommunication company based in Canada. It offers some services ranging from Internet, TV, phone, BlueSky TV, and more. As one of its business solution, Shaw also provides webmail solution. Just like other webmail, shaw webmail is the general name for a web application that makes it possible to use e-mail via a web-based user interface. Because webmail uses HTML (or another web standard such as XML in combination with XSLT) it can be used in the same way as a normal website. This makes it possible to use e-mail anywhere in the world without having to install a separate e-mail program. Shaw webmail is said to be able to receive mail from any computer with an internet connection. You do need a web browser, but you can use it without changing any settings there. If you want to use a special e-mail program, you will have to enter all account details in it and delete it afterwards. The use of an SMTP server for sending the e-mail can also be a problem because some e-mail providers only accept this on their own network. In addition, an e-mail program is often not available, such as on computers in an internet café. However, sometimes non-techy or first-time users feel the difficulty of using it. That is why we are here.


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